Thursday, April 3, 2008


Last night was a blast! Love Ashley for making me drink waaaayyy too much. Drinking this much only leads to incidents... like the 3 inch gash under my eye that I'm currently sporting. Thank god there are no interviews in the near future! My mother is going to kill me, but hey whatever... clearly Wednesday nights are over for me!

I'm really going to have to stop drinking until I can get my emotions under control. every time i drink i cry about the breakup. And not even because i want to get back together or anything. just stupid.... any how

Town Tavern on Wednesday nights rock... Ashley rocks, Sol at Aces Rocks (for avoiding swelling and calling T!) and Toby as usual rocks for coming to take me home. I'm documenting it here. No more shots (sorry Mel, but viva limon calidos!) and 2 drinks if i go out. That's it, I'm done....For 1 month - we'll see how it goes after that. On a way better note, I heard yesterday I am the lead candidate for a position that i interviewed for, the excitement is really beyond belief. SO keep finger, toes, anything else you can cross, crossed!
Completely randon, here is a picture of Lyndsey as veruca from her play last weekend. I've been staring at this picture thinking good lord, how did she grow up so fast? She looks nothing like herself here, but I guess she's that much older!

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