Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Love Not being at Work!

I have been in a training class all week and i have to say I love it. They feed you, understand that every 2 hours I need a break, etc... plus I'm down town so i got to hang out with my friends last night. ALL YOU CAN EAT MUSSELS!!! YUM

On the job search front, the company i had hoped to get an answer from this week is being dicey, and telling the recruiter they want to do their due-diligence and see more people. OK cause i have nothing better to do than wait for ya'll to make a decision. Delightful! Oh well, I'd like to get an offer from anyone at this rate!

Creativity wise... I finished a bib! One to go (Look it's on the complete list!) Pictures to follow.
I ordered a frame for the layout for Joanne's shower and started doing some sketches in class today of what i want it to look like. At least I'm getting some craft time in!

OK just a quick update.... ta ta for now!

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