Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cooking ideas...

Ok the other thing I love to do is cook... I love trying new recipies - and hope to share some easy fun ones that i make up here! Who knows someone else might enjoy something i make...
In that vein I bought a head of fennel, and i have no idea what to do with it. So any suggestions or recipies would be much appreciated!


History in the Making

I love Politics - I always have from my young Dem days at Fordham. I love the excitement of working on a campaign and then having soemthing to show for it. Or being able to party if it doesn't quite go your way! I thought the historic part of this campaign was the win - but literally today in New York and I assume in other parts of the country there is a tangible vibe of change. I was inspired today by that vibe and the cozies at Starbucks to commemorate the occasion of the innauguration. The title this is my President is my pledge to make something happen in the next four years. And support the President in whatever way I can. The journaling is about how i feel about the election and what Barack's presidency means to me.

So on a positive note.... Let this change in the year and in the presidency call you to start something new! Yes we can!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

CHA - Where scrapbooking people want to be reincarnated to

Maybe not everyone - but i definitely do! CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association and twice a year they have a huge trafeshow for buyers.... This when the manufacturers showcase new product lines, new items etc... It's a huge deal! I would give anything to go... number one becuase it's in Anaheim and it's seriously cold here right now. Number 2, I love looking at paper and things related to scrapbooking so i imagine the kid in a candy store mentality. Number 3, if i did get to go it would be becuase somehow I would be doing what i love and have actually business related to it, (that's the only way in!)

I'm lucky though - a lot of the blogs I regularly read are maintained by very talented artists and they all get to go to CHA and they take video, and picutres that they generously share with people like mw who can't go. One of those very talented artists is Irene Tan and she is having a contest on her blog... take a look!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tips Tricks and Techniques - From here on out known as Triple T's

I'd like to start sharing some of my favorite tips, tricks, and techniques for scrapbooking and crafting in general. It would also be a great way to answer some questions that people may have or if there's anything you've wanted to try but not sure how it works I can try first. I'm a pretty average scrapper, but I love to try new stuff and would be happy to share my success and failures with everyone. I'm proud to write the first column in Triple T! For the first post I wanted to share some of my favorite tools that aren't traditional "Scrapbooking" tools. These are things you can find anywhere else at often a lower or no cost.

A quick note - I know that not all of these items are not acid free and therefore may not be considered safe for scrapbooking. My thought is as long as they aren't hitting pictures directly i tend not to worry about it. But if that's your thing then please be aware...Now on to the list...

1. CD's - We all know that they make great mini albums. I love to use them as circle templates, bases for wreaths, door hangers etc... My favorite source for Free cd's(other than when I finally give up my freestyle obsession from when i was 12.. ha ha ha) is at Wal-Mart... there is always a stand with CD's promoting an Internet service provider in great envelopes. I always grab a few (not too greedy!) when I'm there. The outside is great to decorate with the cd to make a wonderful gift card holder (but you'll see that on a future Triple T Post!)

2. Paint Chips - Yup those things you get at a home store with all the paint colors on them. Again the uses are endless, using them as a base for inchies (in a great progressive color scheme - guess what's coming in a future Triple T post??) Another thing I use them for is to determine how colors will go to better I often get a better feel with those than with a color wheel. Of course people might look at you funny when you stand at the paint aisle with scrapbook paper so maybe go a little prepared! Again generally free, as long as you don't freak the people in your local hardware store out.

3. Multi-Colored Higlighters - they make edging a breeze without chalks or inks, and I like the chiseled point which help guide and get into smaller corners. I got a pack similar to this from Office Depot for a small price.

4. White Out - It's great for inking on darker cardstock or painting smaller areas in total. Very inexpensive in office supply stores or even some dollar stores.

5. My Favorite one Yet - Wooden Coffee Stirrers: There are so many things that you can do with these little gems. they are little strips wood essentially. Paint them - check, ink them - check, stamp on them, you bet! They are great for building frames, that are customized to your project. Other of my favorite uses: Can't find your bone folder? Grab one of these... Need a straight edge for cutting with your craft knife - this will do it!

finally I also love to use them to create hidden texture on a layout (i apologize because the pictures aren't that great but i hope you can get the general idea!)
1. Glue the stick on your background (i suggest starting with a small area until you get really good, then move on to patterns etc..)

2. Cover the stick and surrounding are with adhesive, for this you want a wet adhesive, something that will have a little slide/give as you mold the paper.

3. place your paper over the stick and using your finger start molding the paper around it.

If you are having problems getting into areas, use another stick or your bone folder, it takes a few minutes and often a lighter weight cardstock is easier to manipulate than a heavier one. Just mold the paper use firm but not too much pressure the goal is to mold not cut the paper around the stick.

I know it's hard to tell in this picture but it's great after you have a pattern and you go to ink or chalk - it creates an awesome texture to your layout.
Please leave me a comment on what some of your favorite non-traditional scrapbooking tools or supplies are!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's been a long time!

I know it has... and as part of my New Year's resolution - i will update this blog 1 -2 times a week. I will focus on my scrapbooking also!

Happy New Year to all, or at least anyone who reads this!

Let's see - it's been a long time since July - I had my heart broken again by the same person... but this was the last time I'm going to move on. That being said if anyone knows any cute single guys - I'm available give them my number!

I'm trying tofu pasta for the first time tongiht, also part of the New Year's resolutions is to get back to healthy - goal is to be at goal wieght before my birthday (Feb 26) I think i can do it! I've cut back on drinking (I'd like to say i went cold turkey but there were a few special occassions to celebrate.) So i'm just saying I cut back!

Special Occassions of note: Jason being engaged (so happy)... girls night out, me being transferred back to the NYC office (can't be more excited about that!)
I want to take a minute to talk about my new current obsessions....
The return on New Kids on the Block... I love them forever - enough said
Twilight - Damn books hooked me... I enjoy being 12 again
FaceBook - though it's highly addictive it has brought so many great friends back into my life that I'm truly grateful that i sucked it up and let Meghan make me a profile...

So becuase i feel like i should include pictures here's a quick recap of the end of the year...
This is one of the best pictures of Timber's halloween photo shoot....

Here is the altered cookie Sheet message board I made for the young ladies in my family for christmas, each one was personalized for them based on hearing their favorite colors. I did a lot of home made x-mas gifts this year and it seemed to be a big hit. I guess we'll see if i can continue it!

Lastly - I was fortunate enough to spend my New Year's Eve in Vegas visiting my brother and Heather with a large part of my family and friends... including celebrating twice... East Coast and West Coast time. This was by far the craziest experience I've ever had. I imageine that would be what times square would be like except with half the people and everyone hammered. Good times! So here's a recap of my shiny self on New Year's eve. Sorry about the orientation - it's a good opportunity to do some neck strecthing....ha!