Saturday, January 17, 2009

CHA - Where scrapbooking people want to be reincarnated to

Maybe not everyone - but i definitely do! CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association and twice a year they have a huge trafeshow for buyers.... This when the manufacturers showcase new product lines, new items etc... It's a huge deal! I would give anything to go... number one becuase it's in Anaheim and it's seriously cold here right now. Number 2, I love looking at paper and things related to scrapbooking so i imagine the kid in a candy store mentality. Number 3, if i did get to go it would be becuase somehow I would be doing what i love and have actually business related to it, (that's the only way in!)

I'm lucky though - a lot of the blogs I regularly read are maintained by very talented artists and they all get to go to CHA and they take video, and picutres that they generously share with people like mw who can't go. One of those very talented artists is Irene Tan and she is having a contest on her blog... take a look!

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