Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Ulcer Batman

Well it has been a week! First off crazy people actually jumped from a plane... we had a blast up at nessa's parent's enjoying drinking and rock band and of course the Rosendale Street Festival. Here is the after jump picture, but before the puking!

Let's See i was creative.... I did a scrapbook page.. this one happened to be a fav to do. Chronicles of a black eye...

For those of you who know, I did end up in the emergency room on tuesday with some stomach issues. Nothing major - just an ulcer, ha ha ha. an ulcer that had me doubled over in pain and throwing up for 8 hours! well it was all resolved, I need an endoscopy but i am going on nexium so hopefully it will be better! thanks to all who called, visited and checked up on me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14

July 14th will forever be the day that my life changed. 2 years ago I underwent gastric bypass, and have been a completely different person in the time since... not just in looks, but in outlook and behavior. (ok maybe not soo much on the behavior but you get idea!)

I've lost 110 pounds. Even though i go back and forthe between 5 pounds it's not bad in the scheme of things. No one remembers me from 2 years ago, but i do. I remember how horrible i felt and how much i hated to shop or go out. Granted it never stopped me, but i wasn't happy about it. Now i can go into any store i want (well except for 5-7-9, but luckily i'm a little too old to shop there) and get an outfit or a shirt. It's hard pulling myself away from the larger sizes and i forget once in a while that i need the smaller size but for the first time in a long time i'm ok with where my body is. Not to mean that i don't want to look better, but i don't hate what i see now. And I've kept the weight off for a year by myself. Yes the surgery helps but making sure i watch what i eat and try to get some excercise in helps more. This will be the year...

that i lose the last 20 pounds
that i lose my arms and thighs (or at least make them smaller)
that i change where i am on the happiness scale by doing things that make me happy

Now for the shock....

Joanne's Wedding in Sept 2005

Red Hat Convention June 2008

I think the results speak for themselves

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A long time!

OK - Hello!

this update is really for my friend Jamie (who i swear is the only one reading this anyway! So hi Jamie!) I've been so busy since the new job started travelling and working and commuting that i haven't kept this up so i'm going to try to do a long post about everything going on. hmmm let's see...

New Job:
I like it. It's quieter than I'm used to but I'm trying to get over that by remembering that's what i wanted. I've heard it's been rough at my old place and it actually upsets me to hear that to a degree. I went to San Francisco and Seattle last week in a whirlwind tour of the west coast but did get to spend an afternoon at Fisherman's wharf, and ate fresh crab off the street! YUM. Pictures from that at another time.

Family Updates:
Lyn graduated jr. high School and looked amazing, won the chorus award and is now away at sleepaway camp. I listen to her demo cd and realize how much i miss her!I also can't believe how quickly she's growing up... to the point that it's scary. I found a bunch of old pictures of her and plan on doing a great mini book about her growing up. I need to find a few more then maybe i"ll give it to her for her graduation. We'll see how much I can get done before she gets home.

By some miracle of god, Matthew (my brother in vegas) made dean's list. For those of you who know Matthew I'll give you a moment to stop laughing... But he really did! I'm proud of him.

Mom got a new car, nothing exciting to anyone else but me - i got her old one! and have been driving the treacherous roads to work everyday. OK they aren't treacherous but they could be.

Dating: HA! I joined have been communicating with some people, nothing really super promising though. But I'm trying. It's been 5 weeks ex free, and i realize it's ridiculous to count that, or admit that i'm counting it but there you go!

Alright in other exciting travel news: I went to the red hat convention and loved every drunk night i had there! I was an inspiration to ladies everywhere. Some pictures follow... including one with my cute new dj boyfriend.

Very Jackie O right?? HA
Anywhoo I'm closing with the latest scrapbook pages i did. It's the recap of my 30th... UGH. But Meghan helped me pick the paper and she did a great job. I think i have a secret scrapper emerging! I bought a crapload of stuff at discount stores in PA over the 4th of july weekend, so I'll have a ton of new stuff to show soon (I HOPE!!).

Oh lastly for real... I have this weird obsession with boyz II men all over again.... was on bended knee not the best song ever???????
See you soon!