Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Ulcer Batman

Well it has been a week! First off crazy people actually jumped from a plane... we had a blast up at nessa's parent's enjoying drinking and rock band and of course the Rosendale Street Festival. Here is the after jump picture, but before the puking!

Let's See i was creative.... I did a scrapbook page.. this one happened to be a fav to do. Chronicles of a black eye...

For those of you who know, I did end up in the emergency room on tuesday with some stomach issues. Nothing major - just an ulcer, ha ha ha. an ulcer that had me doubled over in pain and throwing up for 8 hours! well it was all resolved, I need an endoscopy but i am going on nexium so hopefully it will be better! thanks to all who called, visited and checked up on me.

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