Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I know I know, The updating part of me isn't very good!

Wooo, Lots to tell so let's just get right to it! I've been good about the creativity thing, which you're about to see! Completed a bunch of projects and have a ton of ideas running through my head - just need to make them all meet!

so now a few pictures... Number one Completed Rent Altered Tin for Lyn's debut in Rent this weekend, OK i know it's only a one-time walk on role but a girl can get excited right? I mean she's only 13!!!

Second... Finished stuff for Joanne's Shower that was on Sunday (in the interest of full disclosure, i didn't finish the second bib! But hey the kids not even born yet!)

1st of two said bibs

Layout in frame of a page for Joanne to put a picture, for each month of the 1st year. I took the opportunity to play around with some fun and new for me techniques, heat embossing, stamping, playing with my new Xyron!!

I'm also just finishing the candy bar wrappers for My brother's engagement party on saturday night, since they aren't my finest piece of work I'm probably not posting them... suffice it to say they'll do!

We interrupt this important crafting announcement to bring you an update on my dating situation: NADA... We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

Job Front
Woo Hoo I got one! I'm officially giving notice on monday, and as of May 19th will be employed with the Navigators group. Significant raise, significant commute too (but I'm willing to overlook that for now!)

Other fabulous News:

Eye healed up pretty nicely, I posted some pics of me from the cruise i went on with my mom this weekend. A 2 day cruise to no-where... it was awesome! So relaxing we had great food, though i did get sick on steakhouse night! You'd think I learn by now not to eat the whole bowl of creamy new england clam chowder, but I just can't help it! Still a fun weekend and a great time. My bowled the pants off of everyone at the wii bowling tournament.... highlight: a 17 year old boy (i knew he was he was studying for the social studies AP exam) asks me, how old is your mom? I say 56 why? He says: I think I'll stick to guitar hero, I'm afraid of her! I respond laughing: she just retired, she has nothing else to do all day!

Me in the ship's main hallway

Me and Mom at Breakfast....
Oh yeah I went back to Auburn too! Wow busy weekend!
That's it for now!

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