Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well it's official! I'm an idiot! The doctor was none to pleased with my drinking and scootering (actually trying to put the scooter in a cab incident) and so the result was 10 stitches to my face! Below are the pictures for your enjoyment!

Thursday night (pre doctor visit)

After seeing the determitologist and recieving the stitches...

These are going to make an AWESOME scrapbook page! I just ordered the pictures and man i can't wait!

Rhode Island was fun, did a ton of shopping, and got some cute stuff... even cleared some stuff out of my closet to make room. All in all a great weekend. i even got a bunch of work done on joanne's bibs so that made me happy too!

That's all I got for now, just had to share the stitches picture! As I've been saying all weekend, you should have seen the other girl!

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