Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Happiness Abounds, and It's been a long time!

Again, this is really why i don't hace one of these things... updating it is hard! Anyway - let's start at the beginning.... I started my new job, and i love it. It's been two weeks, things haven't blown up at the old place yet, but it's about to be financial reporting time and it's going to... I'm just waiting for the phone to ring....The commute isn't that bad, just time consuming. It's a 12 hour day no matter how i cut it. Once i come to terms with that the happier i'll be. I did discover on friday that i do hate commuting back to the city with every teenager from CT who thinks it's cool to hang outin midtown, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm also offically the happiest 30-year old in the world. NKOTB are back and i saw them at zootopia, and my cousin and i got advance tickets to the reunion tour in September. Below are pics of me with my hard worked on happy birthday jordan sign. I took Lyndsey to the show and we had amazing seats... shout out to Rol for that! What is missing is my hat that i found in my house and did wear while the kids were performing!

Oh they still look good!

Hmm let's see what else... oh yeah let's jum to this week. Sex and the City Craziness, rebound guy and a crane... sounds like an interesting time.

Ok First, i met a guy. thought he was going to be the rebound, was pretty happy with the whole situation, and of course i don't hear from him.... Granted we met on thursday and i know i won't hear from him till monday the rules and all, but i just thought we were beyond that, i mean he follwed me for pizza and then we texted till 2am, who does that???? Well maybe i know someone else who did that and that didn't work out so well either. hmpf....

Then of course the fun ended on friday morning when a very large metal object came crashing to the ground around the corner. I've never in my life seen a scene like was going on here. Balconies sheared off, it's amazing that only a few people were injured. It's very very sad, but between that and the subway construction, you cannot get around up here easily at all.

Enter last night and the fun of going to the movies with your friends, drinking waaaayyyy to much and generally just having a good time.

I think we are all caught up peeps. Haven't really had much creativity time, though i did get a scraparatus and 600 eyelets. I dare to say you'll be seeing lots of eyelets come out of me soon!

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