Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cuteness Abounds this weekend

Well it's been areally confusing week for me...
The joy of knowing i have 3 days of work left, but saying goodbye to people I've worked with and been friends with for years. Knowing there's no way they are going to remember everything that i do, and how well i do it, but in all honesty just not caring enough to ask people if they need to go over it one more time....
I'm scared to start a new job, but looking forward to the change of pace, scenery, and people. Personally i'm confused about relationships with boys, friends, what makes them, what does it take to keep them etc... Just one of those weeks where you feel in limbo and so unsure of everything you do. (At least i have them once in a while, maybe it's just me???)

Then Joanne had a baby... my whole out look has changed looking at this baby who they waited so long and tried so hard to have. This perfect little boy who is so loved by everyone who has seen him.

See below the most perfect baby around...
William Geraghty O'Neill 6lbs 10 oz 20 Inches May 7, 2008
And mom and aunt A

A Rare awake pic

Gorgeous right????

Then I go home for the weekend. It's all so simple at my mom's house. It's all black and white, no room for error. Lyn is in that stage where she hates everything anyone who is not under the age of 14 does. I remember being like that... I found my New Kids on the Block hat and Jordan Knight doll, unimportant to anyone but me becuase I will be getting up at the butt crack of dawn on Friday to see a glimpse of them on the plaza at the today show, and i have gotten advanced tickets to their reunion tour. I loved them, I really did and having that hat on my head today reminded me, I was once 12 and a giggly girl who hated everyone above the age of 14... it's a funny cycle i guess.

I decided I would do a layout i've been planning since seeing lyn in rent since it was going to be the basis for a may challenge also so below is "A Star was Born"

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there (no matter what you are a mommy to!)

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