Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Monday

well... it was quite the weekend! My cousin Lyndsey (13, amazing voice and actress) was in her school play so of course we had to take over the auditorium to see it. She was great as Veruca Salt even had the accent down to perfection. She made a demo CD and it was the first time i heard it but i have to admit the girl's got talent that is rare. I cried of course through most of it! She won an auction to appear as an extra in the Broadway play rent so that is happening later this month. I've seen rent 11 times to date, and clearly it is one of my favorite shows (perhaps the reason she loves it so much also!) In any even we are all looking forward to that, and as her fav cousin i get to go backstage with her as she gets ready. To commemorate the event I bought her a pair of doc martens, What every girl on the Lower East Side needs, and am making her an altered tin full of Lower East Side goodies. As I Finish that I'll let you know! We also had a little incident with my grandpa, but luckily he seems to be doing much better now that the doctor's know what the problem is and they can treat it. I mean the man is 90 with moderate dementia so we aren't putting him through too much stress, but we want him here as long as we can have him.

In creativity news, Joanne's bib's are coming along nicely! I'm going to Rhode Island this weekend with my mom and aunt and their best friends fro a great girls weekend and should have some time in the car to stitch away! I am also adding a few things on to the project list...I should be busy for years at this rate... which is good!
I'm posting some pictures of some layouts that i have completed so you can all get an idea of what my scrapping style is....

Latest layout based on sketch

Again based on a sketch

Also based on a sketch (see what I mean about how much better they look when I use a sketch for inspiration)

The Hollywood Hills are like my crowning achievement on this, I made them myself.

I think this is by far one of my very favorite layouts I have ever made!

In dating news... NADA! Went to the settler's meetup tonight and had a blast! Great people pretty fun game, just not much potential! But still something i plan on keeping up with for fun purposes. I'll spare everyone the details of my small breakdown on Friday but it was the result of too much wine and being with friends (deadly combo!)

Anywho that's all for now, this is kind of therapeutic so i may update more often than I thought!

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